Welcome | 歡迎光臨|Hoş geldiniz

Hi, I am Natalia.

Welcome to my digital home.

A Glimpse of My Story So Far:

For the first part of my life, I did exactly what I was supposed to. I went to school to become “educated” the way society wanted me to.

2012 : I discovered VPN, which enabled me to get past the great firewall of blocked websites and started self-educating; I realized I had a lot of unlearning to do.

2013 : I started skipping classes and began learning English on my own so that I could have more freedom to learn whatever interests me.

2015:  I started to work in a consulting firm in Hong Kong, but I realized that I was not meant to work 9-5.

2017: I started writing in Chinese after reading about a few people who built their own brands by writing, which enabled them to do what they were truly passionate about.

2018:  I quit my job and began to explore and see what the real world could offer.

2019:  I rebranded my writing into 地理套利 and started to help other people open bank accounts and get residencies in other countries so to have more freedom in the unfree world.

2020: I settled down in Türkiye during the pandemic and relearned many basic things that I took for granted.

2022:  I finally started writing in English: Geoarbitrage, to share what I’ve learned with more people, but it is a bit challenging as a non-native speaker.

2023:  After a long time of learning and testing, I started to educate people about Bitcoin. And launched a writing course to teach some of the skills I had learned from all the trial and error I have been through.

I believe one of the most important things in life is self-discovery. Here are the most important things I’ve discovered about myself so far.

I Value Personal Growth and Freedom


I did not enjoy the way I was taught in Chinese schools. I was forced to learn things I found no personal value in. I was expected to do what everybody did, which never made sense to me while growing up. But because I discovered VPNs in 2012, I was able to start exploring anything I was curious about that school kept hidden from me. 


However, I still felt intellectually drained by China’s increasing restrictions on freedom. The cultural norm of suppressing individual growth for greater social harmony was soul-crushing to me. That’s what caused me to leave China in 2017 and begin exploring my own path.

I Am a Hands-On Learner


I believe everything is learnable, and I can figure out anything I need to once I set my mind to it. 

My preferred ways of learning usually include digging for anything I can find online and filtering out the junk. Then I get my hands dirty by experimenting, such as by learning English, writing, making websites, building businesses, experimenting with DIY natural skincare, and adopting a healthy diet for self-healing. 

I Enjoy Quiet Alone Time


I am an introvert and have learned that I need little stimulation from the outside world to thrive. In fact, most things are distractions to me.

I mute my phone 24/7.  

I rarely do calls or meetings.  

I minimize meaningless interactions.

I hate drama and noise.


I say NO to most things to have more time for my learning and creating. However, I love Intellectual conversations with interesting souls and enjoy being around people who show me what is possible.

I Love Finding Hidden Gems


I think popular things are wrong, from popular travel destinations to best-selling products. But that’s a good filter; I happily skip those places and things and slowly find my way to the hidden gems that most people overlook. 


“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” -Mark Twain.

The road less traveled is usually full of serendipities.


I Am Striving to Be Self-Sufficient


Most miseries come from dependence. I consciously remove my dependence on things, from my favorite food, favorite apps, and even the people I like. I enjoy their presence, but I do not crave them.

I run my business how I want, I self-host most software I use, and I am adaptable enough to live almost anywhere. I cook my own food and print my own educational materials to read and learn from. I am currently tipping my toes into self-healing so that I will not need to rely on pharmaceutical drugs.


I have learned that minimizing the interference of government or any third parties and being a self-sufficient person is the right foundation to live a happy life for me.


I’ve Been Entrepreneurial at Heart Since I Was Young


I believe I learned this from my mom. She used to run a clothing business while I was five years old. Slowly, I got old enough to help and learn about running a business—you help others solve their problems, and people pay money to exchange the value you provide.


I started as a math tutor for younger children when I was 15 years old. I learned English myself, then worked as a freelance translator. Upon graduation, I learned how the system works differently in Hong Kong compared to mainland China. Because of that, I was able to navigate my way toward minimizing certain restrictions. I then built a business around those experiences to help other Chinese people.


With Covid, war, censorship, corruption, inflation, and increased media manipulations these days, I believe my experience and real-world knowledge can help more people become sovereign in this unfree world.

I Prefer Happiness over Money


One thing I would hate to see for myself is becoming like one of those soulless people who do anything for money. There is nothing wrong with making more money, but money is a means, not an end. The real goal is happiness. But it seems that most people lose themselves in the money-chasing game.


I have learned that doing things the way I enjoy is the only sustainable way for me. Considering I already had fun during the process, everything else is just a bonus.

The Way I See Life


The fact that we are alive, living and breathing, healthy, and with functioning minds is a miracle! However, most people seem to take this for granted. However, I don’t anymore.


My main drive in waking up every day is to experience what is possible and see what life can offer.