If you Want to Know More About Me:

Well, let is get deeper

A general glimpse first, read this.

I believe one of the meanings of life is self-discovery, and here are my findings so far:

What do I enjoy doing

  • Learn by getting my hands dirty
  • Digging unconventional wisdom
  • Crafting work and life, but with LESS

What am I good at?

Fast learner, basically anything that I am curious about.

Exceptionally calm in urgent situations, I find those moments thrilling.

Cutting out noise and finding hidden gems - I believe good stuff is mostly low-key.

But like all things always comes with weakness 🤓️

  • Impatience with incompetent/low efficiency
  • Focus too much on details
  • Overthinking

What do I value the most

Freedom, self-sufficient, honesty

What do I care

I do not practically care about lots of things most people care about, but here are thing things I do CARE about:

  • Health
  • Independence
  • Freedom to learn and explore
  • Peace of mind
  • Intellectual conversations

Part of the reason why I am trying to write in English is that I value intellectual freedom too, but writing in Chinese subconsciously makes me self-censored, and I do not like it.

I don't have any problems with people doing different things or being stupid  ( I respect everyone's choices) as long as these things don't bother me.

I don't follow trends or whatever is the newest hot, I only follow my own curiosity.

My Understanding of the Meaning of life

I believe we come here to explore / play ( work is a form of play, too ), not be a slave.

To experience what life could offer, see what is possible in ourselves (self-expression, which leads to creative work ), and with others. (deep connection, intimacy, love )

☕️ Current Routine

I don't strictly schedule every day; that's the point of being free, right?

But here is roughly what it looks like:

8/9 am: wake up, then listen to podcasts or do some thinking

10 am: get up, shower, breakfast, reading/writing

12:30 pm: a little walk for some sunlight

1 pm: lunch, have a look around

2 pm: do some quick work

4 pm: explore whatever interests me

7 pm: dinner

8 pm: read books/ movies / writing

11 pm: listen to podcasts mostly

12 am: bedtime

Every day is a play day, and I like to solve 1-2 small problems.

Phones are muted 24/7

Love listening to Turkish music when writing:p

Proudest thing I have done so far

1. Learned English on my own

2. Built everything from scratch: blog, business, community, and more coming

3. Navigated myself from China into the real world, with lots of learning and unlearning

4. Set down in a non-English-speaking country (Turkey) during the pandemic  

and here is a collection of weird thoughts of mine.