Handcrafting my Own Notebook


I used to be a productivity nerd, from note-taking tools to automation, but then I realized many are a waste of time. I discovered that my best productivity hack is a notebook with a pen.


Given that I am carrying the notebook all day with me, so I want it to be functional and beautiful ( life is short, why use ugly things? ).


One day, I saw exactly what I wanted while wandering in an Islam museum, I started to see where I could buy one, but I couldn’t find anything close to it. But I kept searching,  I then found one of the remaining masters still making books the ottoman way; Wow, I was so excited that I went all the way to visit him to ask if he is willing to teach me this craft; Long story short, I started my learning journey, little did I know how much effort was needed to make a small handmade notebook, but it is SO worth it.


Maybe this is not making sense to most people, as it is so easy to just go out and buy one, but nothing is more fun than getting hands dirty and crafting things for an ISTP, not to mention the joy of freedom and being self-sufficient.