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Hi 👋🏽 Welcome to my digital home.

I am Natalia Mok, ISTP—explorer, builder.

Currently, I am :

🇹🇷 Living in Istanbul, Turkey

☕️ Running a community in 知识星球

💼 Building Geoarbitrage—help people live a borderless life

I am constantly updating my now page—if you are curious about what I am doing.

Why writing?

1. Documenting the journey

I have been writing since 2017, documenting many ups and downs, growth, and mistakes.

2. Solving intellectual loneliness

It is HARD to meet interesting thinkers in real life; I used to think maybe
went to the wrong country, but seems it is the same everywhere. Then I slowly came to realize that curious minds are just rare.

3. Creating serendipity along the way

I would love to connect with other free thinkers, potentially hacking fun problems together.

4. Sharing and learning

I believe the best way to learn is to teach, and I am happy to share what I have learned along the way.

What do I value?

Freedom, self-sovereign, and honesty.

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